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    d round to the back of the house, to the point fixed upon by Venables as being the most likely for their purpose. They had all been provided with silent shoes b

  • 网赌输钱威胁客服退钱


    y Perks, though no questions were asked as to whence they came. Now that the pinch had come Perks was by far the most confident of the

  • 网赌输钱威胁客服退钱


    party. Probably his previous experiences in this line were standing him in good stead. Coolly enough he produced a dark lantern an

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etter stay here till the gentleman has made sure." A grim, silent moment or two followed. Then, surely enough, Wa

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lter came back with the whispered information that the kitchen door was locked. Perks chuckled to himself as he snatch

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ed up another instrument and squeezed through the window. He set to work in business-like fashion, so that the kitch

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en door was forced at length without the slightest noise, and the way to the hall was clear. In the strange, unfami

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    an to loom out of the blackness. He could make out chairs and tables, the outline of a square hall, and the front door at the end of it. He set his teeth togeth

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    er, now filled with a stern resolution to succeed or lose his life in the attempt. He was not ignorant of the class of man he had to d

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    eal with. He knew that Silva would not hesitate to shoot him down like a dog if his presence were detected. But, surely, between the t

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